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Community Engagement

MIT Sloan School of Management – Asian Executive Board

As part of the global MIT Sloan network, the Asian Executive Board was set up to “inform and support meaningful engagement” between the School and the region, to promote the innovative new ideas developed on campus around the world. The Executive Board’s mission is “to develop principled innovative leaders who improve the world and to generate ideas that advance management practice”.

MIT Sloan celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2014. The school has grown over the past century to become one of the world’s leading management schools, producing iconic business figures, 20% of which earn the title of President or CEO in the course of their careers.



Del Monte Foundation – Corporate Social Responsibility

Del Monte Pacific Limited (DMPL), which received the Runner-up Award for Most Transparent Company under the Foreign Listings category of the Singapore Investor’s Choice Award, has strong commitment to ethics guided by clear core values; Customer Focus, Integrity and Trust, Respect for the Individual, Team Work, Commitment to Society and Environment and Passion for Winning.

In an effort to uphold these values and establish the highest possible CSR standards, DMPL created the Del Monte Foundation (DMF) in 1996. DMF is a non-profit foundation that coordinates the CSR and community development programs for Del Monte. The company’s pineapple operations in the Philippines is the world’s largest integrated pineapple plantation, encompassing 23,000 hectares. Through the foundation, the company provides housing, schooling and medical services to all 5’000 employees and their families.

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